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Gulf Hill Dairy

Gulf Hill Dairy was started back in 1896, when a young farmer named Joseph T. Fernandes decided to enter into the dairy business.  This man of vision plotted the course and guided the destiny of Gulf Hill Dairy for fifty-two years. 

From a one man, one horse and wagon beginning, Gulf Hill Dairy developed into one of New England's most modern, most successful dairy operations.

1946 was a most important year in the history of the Dairy.  In that year, the Gulf Hill Dairy introduced homogenized milk in South Eastern Massachusetts.

1962 was another important year in the Dairy's progress.  Gulf Hill Dairy was the first in Massachusetts with multi-vitamin milk.

Modernizing the plant, fleet and offices with the newest equipment in the field was always a priority.

On June 26, 1965, another milestone was reached with the opening of Gulf Hill Parlor, an exceptional ice cream parlor and restaurant on Gulf Road in South Dartmouth.

The Milking Showroom was located across the street from the Milk Processing Plant on Gulf Road.  Here families enjoyed watching the milking of the cows every afternoon at 4 PM.

The Dairy was sold in 1980 and the restaurant closed in 1981.

"You can whip our cream, but you can't beat our milk"

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