Saturday morning cars, vans and bicycles line this quiet street. With ladders, buckets, scrapers and paintbrushes, they begin working.  Preparing the wood surfaces for a fresh coat of yellow paint.  Quietly they work on all areas of this home to fill in cracks found on the aging wood, sanding away the years of pealing paint.  Hours they spend to scrap, sand and clean, their work is so quiet those neighbors on their way out of this neighborhood, cannot believe such a large group has assembled.
The sun begins to heat up as they're repairing gutters and replacing rotted wood trim. Sounds of birds singing are music to lighten the workload as paint is mixed and poured into buckets.  Some climb ladders to reach gables and others carefully cut in around trim.  Steady they are while balancing high above their friends below. Hoisting up another bucket of yellow paint with a smile and a word of encouragement, the home is now beginning to take on a life of its own.
This is a nice morning with crisp air and beautiful blue sky as paint dries evenly the landscape team begins trimming shrubs.  There's a delivery of cedar mulch and it is spread under hedges all along the sidewalk.  With the fence being repaired, along with porches, and fixtures, they're slowly turning back the season's wear. 
As the local news reporter walked up his cameraperson was filming, then from the home emerged our homeowner, with tears in her eyes she told us you all have returned my beautiful home to me.  I feel blessed that you would do this for an old woman. I can't believe how hard you worked on my homeā€¦ she asked, you're from the Rotary Club?  You've all got such big hearts.